I'm a freelance photographer in the South Florida area. I enjoy all sorts of photography and try not to limit myself to just one type. However, commercial product photography and portraits are my favorite. I can shoot either on location anywhere in South Florida area, or in studio.

With the background in technical drafting, I am a very detail oriented person. I am the same way with my photography; all of my images are looked at with fine-toothed comb and retouched as needed before I give my client their final photos. Most of my product photos are published in catalogs and brochures and used for websites.

A bit of History!
Photography has been a part of my life since I was about 10 years old, when my parents gave me my first camera. Back then it was obviously a 35mm film camera. I mostly shot black and white, but also some color slides. I used to spend most of my pocket money on film, paper and chemicals. Using a small bathroom as a dark room, I would spent hours developing pictures.

Phone: 954-478-4811

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